I inherited a two-tone Rolex Datejust that was originally purchased in 1983 and worn as a daily watch. It definitely showed some wear. Gables Pawn & Jewelry offers a reasonably priced refinishing service. I brought the watch in on a Monday and was told it would be ready for pickup by the following Thursday; they actually called Wednesday late afternoon to say it would be ready. The refinished watch came out terrific, looking 95% of new. I was very pleased. The staff here were also pleasant, polite, and helpful, and resized the watch for me upon pickup without hesitation. I highly recommend their refinishing service.

Matt A., Yelp user

My husband and I were looking to sell a couple of watches and found this place. It's a little out of the ways for us but looking at their reviews online and such and they seemed like the place to go to.
First off this place is not a typical pawn shop. Once you go through their secure doors you're in a place that looks more like a nice jewelry/ watch store. There's nice art hanging on the walls and chill music playing. If I remember correctly they had two showcases full of Rolex watches and another 5 or so display cases of Cartier and other nice watches. We were promptly greeted with a smile . The rest was pretty easy. We showed them the watches that we wanted to sell and they gave us a solid offer pretty quickly. We actually got what we paid for the watches about 5 years ago so we were really happy with our transaction. I'll check them out for sure the next time I want to buy a watch! Definitely worth a look!

Enid V., Yelp User

I felt fairly ignorant about pawn shops when I first walked in here!

The first thing I noticed was that it was exceptionally neat and clean, and also well-lit.....which seems odd to mention, but I always envisioned pawn shops as being sketchy places with dark lighting and all sorts of trinkets accumulating dust on different shelves.

I was helped by a really nice male employee who seemed very interested in being fair to me (or any other customer) and took ethical procedures seriously, which protects both the seller and the shop!
All the male employees I saw were so friendly they actually *smiled*, which doesn't seem too common in Miami, nor would I have expected it at a pawn shop.  When I was curious about some of the gold testing, the employee who helped me explained it and demonstrated another test just to satisfy my own inquiring mind!

I highly recommend this pawn shop in terms of your own profitable benefit (I was really pleased with the outcome of my transaction), as well as the awesome customer service and nice location!

Some possibly helpful info:
--It is located in one of the many tiny shopping plazas that line Red Road and there's a sign with the name and the image of a gem/diamond on it (I think) that's standing closer to the street so you can look for it to direct you.  There's parking in the front if you catch the first turn into the lot, otherwise I parked in the back--BUT I can't say I know that it's "ok" to park in the back for sure.....oops!
--They do pawning, selling, and buying, and I saw TONS of nice watches for those who are big collectors!

Thank you, Gables Pawn & Jewelry Inc.!

Cassidy C., Yelp user