In the need of extra money to pay bills or go on vacation? Rather than a credit card or going to the bank consider the alternative, Gables Pawn & Jewelry. Instant cash loans based on the value of collateral property. We specialize in loans from $5,000 to $100,000.

The world’s oldest form of banking, using a pawnbroker, a process that takes a matter of minutes.

How It Works

Bring in an item, our team will assess the value and negotiate an appropriate amount, You’ll be given time to repay your loan with interest. It should be noted that this type of lending will have no negative impact on your personal credit score. If you’re unable to repay, your item simply becomes property of the store.

No Credit Necessary

Your credit worthiness is based solely on the jewelry or watch you bring in. There are no credit checks, no long wait for approval, just a simple negotiation. Come in with your fine jewelry, leave minutes later with the money you are in need of.